I am a Polish architect living in Barcelona and since I moved here, I started my own ceramic studio. Ceramics was always in my interest, but I've never had enough time to develope it, so that's one of the reasons I left stresfull architect's life and started doing ceramics. Finally I could feel the diference between designing on the screen and creating a piece with my own hands, throwing my own ware on the wheel, firing, glazing it and let it serve.


I work mostly with porcelain and stoneware fired up to 1260°C which allows me to leave material visible and untouched as much as possible, but utilitarian at the same time. I usually glaze my pieces only inside leaving the exterior surface raw and natural. This rough touch of ceramic material is essential in my work.


In turbot design I mix traditional craftmanship with contemporary design to create unique ceramic wares.

OMG OMG OMG Turbot in New York!

We feel so honoured, surprised, happy and proud to be included in article about our nearest neighbourhood of Poble Sec :)



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Tallers Oberts | Open Studios

We are very happy to invite you all to visit our studio during next edition of Tallers Oberts | Open Studios.

Come and meet us in our inspiring surroundings the weekend 11-13th of May.


Tallers Oberts

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