We are small ceramic company based in Barcelona, Spain. Our greatest dream and love is working with clay and making utilitarian ceramics for everyday use. All of our ceramics are handmade on pottery wheel by us, then air dried for few days, polished, fired, glazed and fired again up to 1260°C. The whole production takes place in our studio in urban area, we are against anonymous mass production and we prefer to focus on quality and good craftmanship


Each stage of our work requieres manual engagement, that’s why the process is slow, precise and delicate. We collaborate with local spanish material providers, we use the best locally produced stoneware, as well as porcelain and basic glazes and minerals.


Our philosophy is to give maximum by using minimum resources. That’s why we recycle left-over clay and reuse it during the whole process. For packaging we don’t use plastic, we wrap our ceramics with cardboard and ship in recyclable carton boxes.


Urban location of our studio and residential neighborhood may limit our daily production, but not our imagination and creativity.


We make tableware, both for private and professional customers. We work closely with restaurants and chefs at the very first design stage to provide with best personalised shape and the colour range that matches the place perfectly.


We believe that even small things can make a big change. We want people to eat dinner on beautiful plates, drinking morning coffee from their favourite mug that was made with love and care. We know ceramics are all about touching, weighting small objects, trying how they fit in hand and observing them from different angles, in new lighting and context.


We are looking forward to making new tableware for you soon.